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The Great Whale Star


A story about true friendship

The Great Whale Star is a magical tale for children, about a young dolphin 's adventure to save the island's sacred Kalani Pearl. It is a modern-day story, inspired by the Polynesian islands, and interwoven with island culture and legend.  

Celeste, a boisterous, young dolphin, finds herself on an adventure, face to face with an angry eel who is trying to steal the island's sacred Kalani Pearl. Without the pearl, the humpback whales, also known as sea giants, won't return from their yearly migration. When she hears the tale of the Great Whale Star, she learns that life's greatest treasures are in the friendships she makes, and worth fighting for. 

The Pink Poodle


Love comes in all colors!

A pink poodle escapes the cruel life of the circus and takes a magical journey into a world she's never known before. When this adorable pup wiggles her way into the lives of the people she meets along the way, she heals their hearts in ways no one could ever imagine.

This is a magical story from a dog’s perspective that deals with bullying, grieving and the well-being of animals. It celebrates the strong bond between dogs and humans, reminding us that love can heal the deepest wounds.

The Kingdom of Galicia



Lucia was a peculiar but happy child who noticed at a very young age she could communicate with animals and persuade trees and stones to "cooperate" with her if she asked them nicely. She lived in a rural village in Galicia, Spain, spending most of her days climbing trees, exploring the hillsides and forests, and collecting odd pets such as frogs, lizards and rodents. In spite of her unusual skills with nature, she had always felt her way of life was quite simple and normal. 

But just before her ninth birthday, she is told of her true destiny that had been decided since the night she was born: that she had been hand selected by the Great Ancestors of Galicia to reign as Princess of the Woods, and will train to be successor to the King of Galicia. 

This story takes the young reader on a magical journey as Lucia trains with the Kingdom's powerful Illumina Council to strengthen her natural skills, learn the ancient secrets of the Kingdom, and prepares for the darkest shadow that threatens her Kingdom, what we know today as The Spanish Inquisition. 

This is a story about a kingdom whose people refused to be forgotten. 

The Keylime Forest


Be Spectacular!

Young Charlotte,  also known as Charlie, often escapes the challenges of being a kid by hiding out in the tall tree of her yard. She soon discovers that the tall pine tree, that she lovingly calls Wilson, is not just an ordinary tree. To her surprise, Wilson takes her to a magical place, called the Keylime Forest, where she must learn to face her insecurities about being different and embrace the spectacular girl she truly is.

This is an inspiring and encouraging story for children about celebrating the unique qualities within themselves. 

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